Forestry drones – helping everyone get a better view

We have developed a systemised approach to using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to monitor land use in remote areas. Termed SOLAR (Systemised Operational Land-use Aerial Reconnaissance), this guide will provide an efficient and low-cost method in capturing highly accurate imagery for mapping, monitoring and deterring illegal activities.

Clarification on use of DNA in CertiSource

At DoubleHelix, our goal is to secure sustainability through innovative thinking and transparency through the application of new technology. The application of DNA testing within the CertiSource system has changed significantly as the technology has developed over the years. As change continues apace at DoubleHelix, we would like to take this opportunity to correct potential misconceptions that have arisen during the rapid growth and expansion of both DoubleHelix and CertiSource. … [Read More]