About us

DoubleHelix implements practical solutions based on cutting edge genetics and chemical testing to detect illegal timber entering global supply chains, thereby tackling the illicit timber trade currently valued at over US$30 billion a year*. 

Established in 2008 and headquartered in Singapore, we work with suppliers, buyers and retailers in over 20 countries worldwide across the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. Our partners include governments, foundations and scientific centres of excellence.

Double Helix Tracking Technologies Pte Ltd is a private limited company registered in Singapore (Company Registration 200812136R) and operating globally. 


What our clients say


"Over the course of a long-term partnership with DoubleHelix, Simmonds has won major sales opportunities in the highly competitive Australian market for outdoor decking. We've been able to generate trust and credibility through DoubleHelix services that show beyond doubt that we only source from well managed, legal forest concessions.

Our stakeholders have now come to expect this approach from Simmonds, in partnership with DoubleHelix, in all of our ventures.  We will continue to lead the way with our DNA Lumber® product line offering the highest quality hardwood products with "Due Care" built in to provide peace of mind to our customers."

Simmonds Group, Australia



DoubleHelix is always searching for practical applications of its approach to timber supply chain management. That is why we are an accredited Certification Body, accredited to ISO/IEC 17065:2012 Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand. Our registration number is Z4460410SS and you can check the status of our accreditation at the JAS-ANZ Register.

Whilst this accreditation is specific to our audit operations against the CertiSource Legality Assessment System in Indonesia, the principles of impartiality, integrity, defined business process and service quality are applied to all aspects of our business world-wide.


Asian base with a global network

Our primary location in Asia places us in close proximity to many important manufacturing and source countries of timber and timber products. Our network of expert staff and associates extends to North and South America, Europe, Australia and Africa with dedicated DoubleHelix offices in the United States, Singapore and Indonesia. This local presence enables us to offer on-site inspection at highly competitive rates.



Working at DoubleHelix means joining the world's most innovative company in bringing transparency to the timber supply chain globally. We're always looking out for talented and motivated individuals to join our team - email us at careers(at)doublehelixtracking.com. 

FOR DOWNLOAD - CertiSource Public Registers

We provide forest and sawmill auditing services in Indonesia against the CertiSource Legality Assessment Standard. These registers are updated monthly. To request additional traceability information on your specific product label verification number, please visit www.certisource.org



At DoubleHelix, our goal is to secure the timber supply chain through the application of scientific methods. The application of DNA testing within the CertiSource system has changed significantly as it has developed over the years. As change continues apace at DoubleHelix, we would like to take this opportunity to correct potential misconceptions that have arisen during the rapid growth and expansion of both DoubleHelix and CertiSource.

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*A conservative estimate from INTERPOL / UNEP Nellemann, C., INTERPOL Environmental Crime Programme (eds). 2012