Nature's BarcodeTM. The mark of trust.

In the timber industry, success is built on trust.

Trust between you, your suppliers and your customers. Trust through relationships that you have fostered over years and decades. Trust that you bring to market quality products that consistently meet specifications.

But the industry is changing. New products are coming to market faster. Timber alternatives are taking market share. New regulations compel you to understand your supply chain more than ever before.

You will need to build trust in new products and with new suppliers faster - faster than your competitors - and with the assurance that you can continue to deliver high quality product, consistently, on-time and always in compliance with international regulations.

That is the purpose of Nature's Barcode™ - the mark of trust.


More than compliance


Inconsistent timber species or species substitution can seriously impact product quality and consistency of supply. The Nature's Barcode™ system identifies risks in your supply chain where unknown timber might enter, and implements controls to mitigate those risks. Scientific tests, like DNA analysis are applied to independently verify species claims and control risk of substitution.

Quality can also be affected by origin of harvest. We make sure that product is traceable back to a known origin through ongoing verification. Nature's Barcode™ ensures that a comprehensive set of evidence can be made available to support product claims of origin (and legality) for every shipment.

Time and cost savings

Our teams are located throughout Asia, Africa and South America, meaning that we are always close to your supply chains and familiar with local regulations. This proximity minimizes time and expenses associated with supply chain assessments and product verification.

By relying on our experts as independent third parties, you save time (and your sanity) working through reams of documentation, often in unfamiliar languages.

Wherever possible, we apply scientific testing to verify claims of species and origin. Methods such as DNA, isotope, mass-spectrometry and microscopic analysis are always cheaper and more independent than an auditor.

Flexibility and control

The Nature's Barcode™ system is applied to specific products you bring to market. You can limit verification to a single product line, or apply more broadly.

Our approach is constructive. We work with your supply chain to minimize risk of disruption to supplier operations and product flow. By identifying issues early, we can correct them before they become a problem.

Fees consist of a small upfront charge to cover the costs of the supply chain assessment and set up of the system by our local teams. After that, ongoing verification fees are charged on a pay-as-you-ship basis. If you don't ship Nature's Barcode™ product, you don't pay.


More sales opportunities

If you sell Nature’s Barcode™ verified product, we want to help you tell the world about it. The positive information gathered about your product and partners during the verification process is invaluable.

It tells a story about why your product and your supply chain can be trusted to deliver at a consistently high quality, for every shipment. We want to help you communicate that story.



Why you should trust us



Our team of in-house experts and network of associates extends to North and South America, Europe, Australia and Africa, with dedicated DoubleHelix offices in the United States, Singapore and Indonesia. This local presence and expertise enables us to offer on-site assessments at highly competitive rates.

Start building trust today.

Building trust and credibility in your product faster than your competition is a recipe that will win you business and help develop new, fruitful supplier relationships. Take advantage of market uncertainty to increase sales and your market share.

To find out more about Nature's Barcode™, simply give us a call or fill out the form below to sign up for a 15 minute webinar.

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