Case Study - Brooks Bros, UK

One of the UK's leading suppliers of timber products, Brooks Bros (UK) Ltd, wanted to provide unambiguous assurance of Western European origin and legality for their oak flooring products sourced from China. They also wanted to clearly communicate their market-leading actions to their customers and stakeholders.

Supply Chain Transparency
AND Product Traceability

1. DoubleHelix started with a desk-based and on-site risk assessment to map out the supply chain and identify any risks.

2. We used a local, bilingual team based in Beijing, supported by staff in Singapore to ensure good communication with both the Chinese supplier and the Brooks Bros (UK) team. 

3. To mitigate risk of non-European oak entering the supply chain, isotope testing is now applied to provide independent, scientific evidence and assurance of Western European origin.

4. Based on knowledge of local Chinese regulations, we ensure compliance with manufacturing and export regulations through a customized verification process of document checks for every consignment.

5. Every step of risk assessment, risk mitigation and supplier engagement is carefully documented so that evidence of due diligence is always available, integrated into the Brooks Bros’ existing Due Diligence System.