Teak wood products


Teak (Tectona grandis)




SK Wood Industries Ltd, Myanmar

Thank you for your interest in Alkemal's teak wood products. Alkemal has engaged DoubleHelix as an independent third party to verify the legal harvest, transport, purchase, processing and export of Myanmar teak products manufactured at SK Wood Industries Ltd, Myanmar.

The product supply chain is monitored and controlled through a combination of document verification and onsite assessments, following ISO inspection guidelines. This minimizes the risk that timber of unknown species or origin is mixed with verified timber. 

Verified shipments are issued a traceability docket by DoubleHelix. Documentation is available on request to support every shipment of timber products accompanied by a valid traceability docket. 

Verification methodology

DoubleHelix has conducted a comprehensive risk assessment on this product. This has included:
•  supply chain analysis to assess the level of traceability back to forest of harvest
•  compliance of all entities in the supply chain with Myanmar legal requirements
•  identification of any risk of species or origin substitution along the supply chain

The following controls have been implemented to mitigate any risk identified:


DoubleHelix visits the mill at least once a year to:

• Collect and verify mandatory licenses and certificates

• Conduct a product "backtrack" to match product output with raw material (logs) input on a randomly selected sample of product bundles 

• Conduct a log reconciliation to verify every batch of logs purchased from MTE within that year


Chain-of-custody documents are available and subject to verification by DoubleHelix. This includes: 

• Log harvest and transport documents from forest agency to MTE log depot, and from MTE log depot to the mill, which allows for verification of the claimed forest of origin on log purchase documents

• Export and shipping documents, to verify compliance with export regulations

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