A powerful way for buyers of wood products to manage risk across global supply chains.

With new legislation, increasing consumer awareness and NGO activism, the risk of trading in illegal timber products, knowingly or not, is growing.

Whether it’s through “lot-swapping”, misrepresentation of timber origin or species substitution, managing global timber supply chains over multiple product lines is a complex task that places all the risk, but little control in the hands of the buyers.

A DNA spot-check system to verify species and origin of timber supplies reverses this risk and restores control. By building into contracts a random DNA testing requirement, a buyer creates a greater onus of responsibility all the way through the supply chain right back to the forest source. Multiple product lines across the globe can be managed at low cost aiding the upstream buyer to:

  • deter fraud
  • minimise risk
  • improve supply chain behaviour
  • conduct due diligence and comply with legislation