Specialists in timber product risk assessment and control

We understand the challenges of managing today’s global timber supply chains. At a time of heightened scrutiny, DoubleHelix's approach to timber product risk management brings more confidence to your supply chains than ever before.

We combine in-house expertise and a global network of partners across industry and scientific research, to deliver simple, cost-effective systems that help you manage supply chain partners with minimum disruption to your business.


Staying ahead of timber regulations

We support your compliance with:

  • The US Lacey Act
  • The European Union Timber Regulation
  • The Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act
  • Quality standards based on the use of specific timber species


A comprehensive solution 

The DoubleHelix solution to risk management starts with an understanding of your existing compliance systems. We aim to seamlessly integrate with your existing approach.

We then provide confidential, product-specific risk assessment and advisory services to identify gaps in your supply partners' ability to meet compliance and quality requirements.

Based on the results of the risk assessment, we recommend various risk control methods to address the gaps. The whole process of risk assessment, control and implementation is fully documented to form a comprehensive record of your compliance efforts, ensuring peace of mind for you and your leadership team.



A scientific approach


We use scientific verification throughout our process to control the risk of illegal timber entering your supply chains.

DoubleHelix pioneered the use of DNA, stable isotopes, wood anatomy and other scientific solutions to independently verify product claims of species and origin. This vastly simplifies what can often be a complex and confusing document verification process.

By combining scientific verification with targeted on-site inspection by local teams, timber product claims can be verified in the most cost-effective and reliable way. Helping our clients understand which scientific approach is appropriate to employ is a key part of our service offering.


Saves you time and money by streamlining document collection and verification 


Reduces reliance on expensive on-site audits and inspections

Minimises disruption to supplier operations and product flow

Supports product quality control by verifying
species claims


ISO Accredited

In Singapore and Indonesia, DoubleHelix is accredited to ISO/IEC 17065 Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand. 

Our registration number is Z4460410SS and you may check the status of our accreditation at www.jas-anz.org/register.

Whilst this accreditation is specific to our audit operations against the CertiSource Legality Assessment System in Indonesia, the principles of impartiality, integrity, defined business process and service quality are applied to all aspects of our business world-wide.



Asian base with a global network

Our primary location in Asia places us in close proximity to many important manufacturing and source countries of timber and timber products. Our network of expert staff and associates extends to North and South America, Europe, Australia and Africa with dedicated DoubleHelix offices in the United States, Singapore and Indonesia. This local presence enables us to offer on-site inspection at highly competitive rates.

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