Double Helix Tracking Technologies Pte Ltd was established in June 2008.

The business has various revenue streams including:

  • Certification Body services against the CertiSource Timber Legality Standard of Indonesia
  • Coaching Indonesia concessions to attain Forest Stewardship Council Certification
  • Consulting on forest management practices
  • DNA species screening of timber products to ensure country of harvest
  • Consulting and strength testing of compliance services for EUTR and Lacey Act
  • Donor projects for development of open source genetic infrastructure

DoubleHelix has also been the recipient of funding from:

  • Singapore Government Economic Development Board (Spring Singapore)
  • The International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO)
  • The World Resources Institute Washington DC (WRI)
  • Department International Development (DIFD UK)

In 2014 we closed our first modest round of funding which included participation of the National Research Foundation, part of the Office of the Prime Minister of Singapore.