ISO Guide 65 accreditation is a requirement for our company to act as auditors against the CertiSource Legality Standard. It also instils in our business a general robust approach to the company’s operations and its management. ISO Guide 65 accreditation is a continuous process that demonstrates competence and commitment to best practice.

ISO Guide 65 (EN45011 in Europe) is the International Standards Organisation guideline ‘General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems’. It is a general guide for certification and has been referenced or used as a base for most organic norms and regulations (Europe, Canada, Japan, etc). ISO 65 accreditation means:

A certification body must be independent of any external pressure being able to influence a certification decision.

The evaluation and certification processes must be transparent and explained to all parties before inspection.

Certification decisions can only be consistent and suitable if there are proper internal control mechanisms. The existence of a quality control system supported by regular internal audits, is essential to identify problems and continuously improve service.

All producers must be treated equally.